COVID-19 advice: If you do get symptoms, it is important to expand your lungs. You can use a blow-up pool toy, and blow it up 4 times a day(or more); or remember to breathe deeply a # of times regularly throughout the day. The reason for this: the devastating consequence of COVID-19 is viral, interstitial pneumonia. The small lung cells collapse and are overtaken with inflammation. By expanding the lungs, breathing deeply, it helps to keep these open, helps to keep them from getting infected.
Drinking fluids is important, and you can take acetaminophen. NSAIDS(ibuprofen, naproxen) are probably ok, although there is one small letter, offering theoretical concerns, in a medical journal(Lancet) questioning the safety of these; so, the jury is out on NSAIDS, but probably ok. Acetaminophen is pretty safe, so I would start there. Don’t exceed 3,000mg of acetaminophen per day, and avoid alcohol use(more than a little) with it.

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