One year ago, country singer Chely Wright wasn’t sure if she’d had a stroke after experiencing unknown symptoms. Now, she wants to make sure others aren’t in the same position.

She took to social media over the weekend and opened up about her health scare. The 49-year-old country music star wrote about how she was experiencing symptoms of a migraine for three days amid her busy show schedule.

“I sort of knew it,” she shared in a Facebook post. “What I had been experiencing with that headache and leading up to that headache was different. I’d even said aloud to myself in the bathroom mirror, ‘Did you have a stroke?'”

“Exactly one year ago today, I went to the ER at Lenox Hill Hospital because I was on Day 3 of a migraine, which isn’t uncommon for me,” Wright wrote. “Because I had shows booked for the coming weekend, I wanted to get this headache out of the way. Lauren and I dropped the boys at school and headed to the ER.”

When she finally saw a doctor, she said the doctor was concerned about the symptoms that she described.

The country star, who rose to fame in the 1990s for hits like “Shut up and Drive” and “Single White Female,” had just turned 48 years old and immediately underwent a series of diagnostic tests.

It turned out that she did have a stroke.

Now, the singer is reassuring others that she is OK, but also using social media to urge others to be aware of the symptoms and listen to their bodies.

Singer Chely Wright performs during her appearance at Deep In The Heart on Sept. 28, 2017 in North Hollywood, Calif.

“The reason I’m sharing this is so you all might take a moment to refresh your understanding of stroke and the symptoms of stroke,” she wrote.


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