I have my interview at an inner city hospital tomorrow; I am not sure what I will be doing(as a volunteer), inpatient or outpatient neurology; outpatient I can easily do, I do that; inpatient(stroke, meningitis, head trauma, bleeds in the brain etc) is different; I have been watching Youtube lectures(so so much on Youtube) to refresh; except for a little here and there, acute/emergency/inpatient neurology has not changed too much; the exam of the patient with coma still is the same, exam for brain death still the same……
At this hospital, my 2 biggest worries are: 1.electronic records: very difficult to learn, particularly if you only are there sporadically, and 2. lumbar punctures: bane of my existence……I did a million of them, never was that good, always so happy when it was successful…..
Honduras clinic: this is a challenge: we have a neurology/psychiatry clinic that I run/manage, with a psychiatrist, neurologist, nurse admin, therapist etc….I was supposed to bring in 20,000 tabs of various neuro and psych drugs last week; that got cancelled. Honduras is hunkered down(their medical system is only ok for the top 2%, very few ventilators); they took coronavirus very seriously from the first case(a visitor, maybe 6 weeks ago?)…..but the whole country is shut down; our patients are running out of their epilepsy and migraine and Parkinsons meds….I am looking into DHL bringing in meds, or purchasing them in Honduras(both options are not terrific, for different reasons)……….adios……..ciao……Larry

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