Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), is a naturally occurring anti-oxidant compound – it’s also one of the most popular dietary supplements taken. The primary use of it is in people who are on statins for high cholesterol. One of the only downsides statins can do is counteract our natural muscle enzyme CoQ10, which can lead to muscle aches and pains. Taking supplemental  CoQ10 can help with the muscle discomfort. Some studies have shown that it can sometimes help prevent migraines.

Consumer, a respected watchdog of health and nutritional products, has recently published results of a study looking at the quality of several CoQ10 products. It found that Vitol Q10 200 Maximum Strength, distributed by Vital Products, LLC was actually minimal in strength. It contained less than 4% of it’s claimed 200 mg per dropperful. The color of the product was clear – CoQ10 itself is orange in color. Another concern was the text “4x” after the CoQ10 ingredient listing. Consumer Lab points out that this marking is standard of homeopathic products in which the ingredient is actually a dilution of a substance. The product was labeled as a supplement, rather than a homeopathic remedy. Another oddity was the label suggestion that it be taken sublingually (under the tongue), though dietary supplements don’t include sublingual products.

Of the approximately 20 other CoQ10 products tested, all were approved. You may want to check out Consumer Lab’s website. It’s packed with facts and figures relating to health and nutritional products.

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