The website let’s you compare drug prices at pharmacies in your area. By entering the prescription name, as well as the city or town you live in, the website will show you updated prices of the drug, at various pharmacies in your area. You can print off coupons as well, which helps in lowering the cost.

When I entered the drug rizatriptan, the generic for Maxalt, and searched for pharmacies in the Deerfield area, close to a dozen pharmacies popped up – with a disparity in cost. For one 10mg tablet of rizatriptan, the prices ranged from $5.93 to $18.30.

Target      $5.93 with coupon

Dundee Pharmacy      $5.93 with coupon

Dominicks      $7.74 with coupon

CVS      $8.29 with coupon

Osco      $12.99 with coupon

Walgreens      $18.30 with coupon

While some insurance plans, or medicare may not allow you to shop around for the best price, GoodRx is worth checking out!



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