Cefaly is the first medical device to offer external cranial neurostimulation for migraine treatment. Cranial neurostimulation has been used for many years in neurology, but has been carried out using implantable neurostimulators (similar to pacemakers). Cefaly is a lightweight, economical and comfortable device that may offer migraineurs a method of treatment that is not drug-based or invasive.

A self-adhesive electrode is placed on the forehead and the device is positioned on the electrode, worn like a pair of glasses. Precise impulses are transmitted through the electrode to the nerve endings of the upper branch of the trigeminal nerve.

A study was conducted last year on over 2300 patients using Cefaly.  Following 2 months of treatment, 54.4% of the patients described a very substantial improvement when using the device. The percentage of patients with a very substantial improvement rose to 81% when taking into account users who used the device on a regular basis. Side effects reported were 4.3%, all of which were minor and reversible.

The Cefaly device is available in Europe and Canada. FDA approval for the U.S. is expected in the coming months.

Dr. Robbins is hopeful the device will help some people, and believes it is safe to use…….   medicalnewstoday…… 1/14/14

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