Dr. Zoltan Medgyessy of the Berolina Clinic in Germany believes Sea-Bands can help migraineurs with their nausea. At last month’s International Headache Congress in Boston, Dr. Medgyessy reported on a study he led which involved the wrist bands and headache patients. During periods of migraine and nausea the patients wore a Sea-Band rather than taking nausea medications. The Sea-Band as well as other wrist bands including the Psi Band use acupressure. Acupressure is a concept that comes from Chinese philosophy relating to Qi, or Chi – a living energy.

In this study, 83% of patients saw a reduction in nausea, though some nausea remained. About 44% saw a “significant” reduction. Almost all the patients said they would use the wrist band again. Still, it’s been indicated that less than half of the patients saw a “significant” reduction in nausea symptoms. More studies are needed, including ones that contain control groups.

Many people have found relief with Sea-Bands during travel or motion sickness. Walgreens and CVS both sell them at around $12.00 each…….Headache and Migraine News  7/17/13

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