Chocolate, there’s very little evidence that chocolate triggers migraine. That seems to be a thing that doctors have taught no matter what field of medicine they’re in. I think if you’re a dermatologist, you’re taught that don’t let your patient have chocolate because you’ll be killing them, and everyone in the world of migraine is told that don’t have chocolate.

The relationship is probably more interesting than that. There’s something which we haven’t spoken about called a prodrome and prodromes occur very commonly in migraine up to a day before the attack begins. Common migraine prodromes includes cold hands and feet, yawning, frequent urination add a food craving, and guess what food craving is most common in migraine, it’s a craving for chocolate. So what happens is, part of your migraine attack maybe a craving for chocolate.

You therefore act on it and you assume that chocolate did it, that probably isn’t very true and pickles and ice cream don’t cause pregnancy and chocolate probably doesn’t cause migraine.

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