for many with back pain, it takes a complete program to really help..but it is worth it….for herniated discs, more invasive treatment may be necessary, but for those with the usual bilateral squeezing muscular/soft tissue pain, a few things you can do may help(first, see a doctor)….
1.Consider a new mattress…the ones that conform to your body (Temperpedic) are wonderful, but expensive…just a good, newer mattress can make a big difference..after all, we spend 1/3 of our lives on this mattress…
2.Pilates/Yoga(I like Pilates)..Pilates is core, balance, stretching…great for the back, and motivating to keep weight off..losing weight helps, of course…just a Pilates class once or twice a week(you do not need the reformer with a trainer), or a DVD or some cable outlets have Pilates…many park districts now offer it….Pilates is not all that easy, not all that fun, BUT..can be life-changing. Our core muscles are complex…many anterior(frontal,stomach) muscles, on the side, and the pelvic muscles, gluts, and hammies(hamstrings) and quads as well…..Pilates addresses all of these…..

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