In a recent post on aspirin, I spoke about how in 1900 aspirin was imported(probably illegaly) here from Canada, similar to the situation now…aspirin was cheaper in Canada than in the U.S……many U.S. people obtain meds thru Canadian pharmacies(such as Canadamedicineshop). What stopped the practice in the early 1900’s was the fake aspirin finding it’s way down here..such as talcum powder being substituted for aspirin, because talcum powder was cheap to manufacture.
Now, we have a similar conundrum: do we trust meds obtained thru Canadian pharmacies? general, I would have to say the answer is yes….the major Canadian pharmacies are pretty legitimate, they know where they obtain the drugs, there is regulation. However, many people obtain drugs directly from shady, murky internet doctors and pharmacies…that is different, and quality control is mostly absent. I would not suggest obtaining meds thru the internet…….
The problem that fuels all this is, of course, the high cost of meds in the U.S. We need to bring down the cost of these drugs……

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