Hi from guest blogger Shari:
Early this summer, I had been thinking about another way to express “gratitude”. We all say-“thank you” or “thanks so much”- but I was looking for another way.
I got my answer, later this summer, after watching the documentary series-“N.Y. Med”. I was interested to watch this show as some of the episodes would be showing Dr. Oz in his actual medical practice and just not as a tv host, along with other doctors and nurses working in New York.
While watching, they had a segment, featuring another doctor, who would be operating on the heart of a baby right after birth, that they knew ahead of time, would be born with challenging heart defects. After the surgeon came out to the waiting room after the procedure, to tell the young parents that the surgery was a success-there were “hugs” and traditional “thank you’s”. At the end of each week’s episode, all the stories, in that program were updated, to let the viewer know how each case had progressed. When the doctor came in to tell the parents, that all would be fine with their baby–I got my answer! –the first words, the mother said were–“now what can I do for you?” I really liked that! The doctor’s answer-“-take this wonderful boy home and raise him.”
Maybe this new “thank you” will help you express a “gratitude” that needs a special touch. I have already had occassion to use it, when someone did something extraodinary for my family. We are all blessed with talents different from each other-and this “thank you” could give them something, from you, that only you can give!
Happy Thanksgiving! with hearts, Shari

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