The Mediterranean diet, which includes lots of fish, produce and olive oil is known to be heart-healthy, and maybe even life-lengthening. University of Louisiana researchers are getting closer to understanding why Alzheimer’s disease may be less common in Mediterranean countries – and the possibility olive oil may play a part in protecting against the disease.

Previous research has found that a compound called oleocanthal, found in extra-virgin olive oil protects nerve cells from damage caused by Alzheimer’s. The University of Louisiana scientists wanted to see if oleocanthal could decrease levels of amyloid beta – known to play a role in Alzheimer’s, from gathering in the brain. They found that the compound, extracted from extra virgin olive oil appeared to increase the production of proteins and enzymes in mice brains – enough to remove the amyloid beta. These new findings are published in the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience…….  Huffpost Healthy Living     3/31/13

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