Walking! It’s good for your heart and brain, and can be done just about anywhere. It’s also a great way to shake off stress from the day. If your walk takes you through green spaces, it’s possible that your brain can shift into a calmer state. A UK study found that walking through a park can trigger “involuntary attention” – meaning that it holds your attention while also allowing for reflection.

If you walk with friends, you are adding the stress-relieving benefits of maintaining social bonds, and one study has found that adolescents who walk with friends can significantly reduce their stress responsiveness. People with sedentary lifestyles who take up walking can boost their energy by about 20% and reduce their fatigue by 65% according to a research study.

For some people, walking is the best way to get some exercise while dealing with a migraine. While it may not relieve the headache, it may distract you from the pain for a bit, and also alleviate some of the stress of dealing with it. According to WebMD, brisk walking can boost endorphins, which can reduce stress hormones and ease depression. Why not consider getting into a walking routine – it’s a great way to celebrate spring!     HuffPost Lifestyle   4/7/13

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