The book “Advanced Headache Therapy” written by Dr. Robbins, and available through Amazon is intended for physicians, as well as patients. Dr. Robbins mentions in the preface of the book that “Patients with refractory, difficult headaches will learn about strategies for when “nothing has worked.”

Here is a sample section found in the book….

Case Studies in NDPH: New Daily Persistent Headache

Case History #1, Adult, Jack is a 42-year-old male, with no prior history of headaches or migraines, and is in good overall health. Two years ago, he awoke with a mild headache, which became severe as the day progressed. He had been experiencing cold type symptoms for about a week, and had been under severe stress, and was not sleeping well. Jack now suffers from a moderate daily headache that is continuous, 24/7.

A workup by his general practitioner (GP) was completely normal. He visited a succession of doctors: his chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, dentist, and psychotherapist, all to no avail. He was prescribed various analgesics and headache preventives over the next 2 years, but found nothing that helped. After 2 years, a neurologist diagnosed Jack with new daily persistent headache (NDPH). Jack has lost his job due to the head pain, and his marriage is suffering. The next step is to try onabotulinumtoxinA (Botox) injections.

New Daily persistent headache (NDPH) is one type of chronic daily headache, along with chronic migraine, chronic tension headache, and hemicrania continua. NDPH is being increasingly recognized as an important type of headache, both because of the frequency and also the refractory nature of the head pain.

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