We are more likely to overeat, have disrupted sleep and get a headache when we are stressed. Meditation has helped lots of people to slow down, and shake off the tension that comes with an ordinary day, as well as times when anxiety has escalated. Andy Puddicombe, a meditation expert and cofounder of Headspace has created a mini meditation plan created to “demystify” meditation for busy people.  Here are Andy’s 3 steps that can help you get through a demanding day…..

1.  Take 4 deep breaths, inhaling through nose and exhaling through mouth.

2.  Continue to breathe deeply, placing hand over belly button.  For 2 minutes, focus on the rise and fall of your hand.  In public?  Bring awareness to your lungs.

3.  When distracted by your thoughts, focus on something specific, like a calming image or phrase or your sense of touch.

The concept of meditation may not be an easy one to grasp quickly, but many people gain a sense of calmness when they do it on a regular basis.  “When you’re fully engaged in the present moment, stressful thoughts will fall away,” says Puddicombe.   Prevention October 2012

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